The Syndicate

The VIN Syndicate is an ultra private group of auto dealers, wholesalers,remarketers and other stakeholders who believe in the power of a reliable and supportive network to trade with and share strategies, tactics and critical industry info. We are proactive not reactive and value people over pixels. Our aim is to collectively see around corners before others see the corner.

Core Values

  • Freedom
  • Learning
  • Innovation
  • Growth
  • Impact

The Syndicate


As a member of The Vin Syndicate you can expect access to:

  • Weekly market updates
  • Weekly strategy calls
  • Other valuable resources to help you grow. personally and in business.
  • North America-wide network of like-minded and vetted dealers who you can trade with
  • Private Facebook group where you can interact with other Syndicate members

All members will be screened and approved prior to entry. We are building a brotherhood of success seekers and solution finders. Whiners and complainers will be expelled immediately.

No vendors, auctions or other ancillary service providers will be accepted into The Syndicate— You will never be pitched

a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest.

  • Immediate goal of the VIN Syndicate. To create a network of dealers that trade amongst themselves to mitigate the reliance on third parties and vendors.
  • Long Range goal of the VIN Syndicate- To save Franchise dealers from being encroached upon or gobbled up by the OEMs or other outside entities.
  • We believe privately held dealers are a vital part of their communities.